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31-Aug-2016 12:29

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Living together or cohabitation can be very much like marriage, but without the benefits of marriage that heterosexual couples currently have, and gay couples are fighting for.Living together has very little to do with the ability to construct a family or have children, but can be seen as less stable, or immoral in the minds of the more traditional people in your life.But the question then arises, can merely living together give you the same feelings that marriage does just without the official marriage license? This is becoming a more and more common question, however the answers are not always simple, and often change with the age of whomever is asked.Traditionally marriage was bond between two people pledging eternal love for one another before family and friends.It’s important to note that couples only living together do not have these benefits.To those who may think living together is no different for them than for those who say “I do”, some studies suggest that there may be psychological benefits to marriage as well.There is some stability in avoiding the pain and anguish of the divorce process and the additional benefit of marriage being a more socially acceptable arrangement to some.There also seems to be a great divide generationally speaking, as younger people tend to prefer cohabitation over marriage, perhaps as it may be more acceptable to those who are inundated with broken relationships constantly appearing in the media and television.

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Those that have never been married may want the traditional happily ever after, and those that have gone through bad divorces or break-ups may want the easier get out of jail card that living together allows.

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