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Give your students a copy of the patterns, and let them make their own models. Ebb Tide Delta, Flood Tide Delta, Tidal Bore, Tidal Resonance, Rogue Waves, Tsunami (Deep Sea, Tsunami (Run up), and Tsunami (Drawback)) Plate Tectonics Block Models contains 24 block model patterns! Spiral bound.(Included are: Convergent continent-continent, Transform, Divergent ocean-ocean, Convergent continent-ocean, Continent hotspot, Divergent continent-continent, Passive, Convergent ocean-ocean, Ocean hotspot, Paleomagnetic banding, Convection current, Pie slice of the Earth, Isostatic Rebound (3 stages) Hydrothermal vent, Formation of the Himalayas(3 stages), Plate tectonics globes (4 time periods), and the Glomar Challenger.) At top: After students make their models, each section can be connected to form one large imaginary plate tectonic sequence.Connect the first nine together to form a 40" long series of plate boundaries. Middle: Paleomagnetic Banding Bottom: Ocean- Continent Convergent Plate Boundary Build these beautiful geologic landforms in just a couple of hours!Science, Grade 6: TEKS b 8(E), b 10 (B, C, D), b 11(A, C).

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Spiral bound.(Included are: Porosity and Permeability, Primary and Secondary Porosity, Infiltration, Groundwater Zones, Water Table, Saline-Water Encroachment, Landfill, Lowering Water Tables, Disappearing Stream, Depression Spring, Fault Spring, Contact Spring, Joint Spring, Tundra Polygons, Pingo, Artesian Aquifer, Cavern Formation, Geyser, Effluent Stream, Influent Stream, Perched Aquifer.) (Geyser eruption series at left)Guadalupe Mountains Block and Topographic Models contains 7 cross sections showing the development of the Permian Reef in West Texas.Give your students a copy of each pattern and let them make their own models. Sedimentary Rock Formation, Formation of Coal, Formation of Petroleum, Barchan Dune Erosion and Deposition, Stream Erosion and Deposition, Cavern Formation, Delta Deposition and Distributary Shifting , Exfoliation Dome, Longshore Current, Sea Cliff Erosion, Headland Erosion, Ordovician Marine Environment (Straight Cone Nautiloid, Horn Coral , Trilobite), Water Cycle, Earth—Moon Comparison, Nitrogen Cycle, Marne Carbon Cycle, Eurypterid (Pterygotus buffaloensis) These Block Models are corelated to the 2010 TEKS.

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