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04-Aug-2016 12:56

Common Sense Media’s Senior Editor of Digital Learning, Chrissy Elgersma, believes that’s true.

“Any game with an open chat feature or user-generated content is risky unless there is careful moderation,” Elgersma said.

We talked it through: I told her that if anyone ever talked like that to her again, she was to say no and then report and block the player. I enjoyed it so much that I began playing it even when my daughter wasn’t there, thinking I could win things for her and delight her with a new rare piece of clothing or a special art easel for her den. They do this by breaking the information up into more than one chat bubble or using words instead of numbers (for instance, “ate tree” would be “83”).

It’s difficult, but not impossible, to share phone numbers and addresses this way as well.

If your child uses Animal Jam, remind him or her never to trade outside of the established trading system and never share passwords, even with BFFs.

There are also hackers who actually do crack passwords just to get into popular Animal Jammers’ accounts to steal their stuff. In one I witnessed, two members were pretending to trade, with one consistently turning the other one down.

We have in-game monitors who are in there and kids aren’t aware they’re monitors, and we work with chat filtration companies to ban kids for saying certain phrases and try to keep up with the new slang.

It’s undoubtedly a massive battle for us and any other virtual world.” The staff not only watches the game itself, but also the blogs and You Tube videos about it.

” My kid was on this game for less than half an hour and a stranger was able to ask her to “make out.” I don’t even know what that means when you’re cartoon seals. ” My first instinct was to tell her to log off, whereupon I would lock away the computer until she was old enough to vote. I was unsure if I’d let her continue playing the game beyond that day, but I figured I’d better set up an account and play alongside her for the time being. It’s a cheerful, interesting setup where the objective is to collect clothing and items to furnish your den, which you can do by buying items in their stores (for “gems”), winning them on adventures, playing a virtual claw machine, or trading other players for them. Most commonly, they visit each other’s You Tube accounts—and once they’re off the game and chatting on other social media, they can exchange real-life information.

“If anyone can get that hat, I’ll trade you everything on my list for it!

” Sure enough, people ran over to trade their most valuable items for the worthless hat, then the other trader disappeared.

When my 8-year-old asked me if she could join the online game Animal Jam, I wasn’t too worried—it’s a roleplaying world developed by National Geographic Kids and has an educational aspect to it: While kids go exploring, they learn animal facts and watch nature videos. ” “She keeps making smiley faces at me and she invited me to see her den! People in the game brag about how “rare” they are—or use false modesty and wait for others to say, “Wow, you’re so rare!

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There’s also a chat component to it, which is dicey in a kids’ game, but it sounded like it would be well monitored. ” This microcosm of society shows how kids wind up thinking they need the most expensive, latest fashions and gadgets in real life to get respect and admiration.

But the part that might be tough for kids to handle is how often people are simply ignored when they try to make conversation.

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